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Michiana Shores, Indiana

Kitchen And Bath Remodeling and Installation in Michiana Shores, IN

If you are looking for a luxurious new installation, or need help with your existing kitchen or bath, At Dye Plumbing & Heating we're Here to help. We have licensed and insured plumbers to get your work done. For your bathroom, we offer toilet repair and replacement, showers and tubs, sinks, and laundry room hookups. For your kitchen, we offer sinks, ice-maker and dishwasher installations, garbage disposals and faucets.

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Dye Plumbing & Heating Michiana Shores, Indiana

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Michiana Shores, Indiana
Technician Invoice Notes: Upon Arrival Found 4” Clay Tile Riser Pipe Open To Laundry Room Omitting Sewer Gas Straight From Septic Tank. Plugged Said Riser And Also Found Shower And Laundry Drains Without Traps. Upon Further Investigation Found Drains Inaccessible In Crawlspace Space And Installed Running Trap Where Accessible To Eliminate Sewer Gas Smell In Bathroom. Tested Installation.
Michiana Shores, IN

Michiana Shores, Indiana
Technician Invoice Notes: Upon Arrival Inspected Widespread Kitchen Faucet Leaking On Cold Side Handle When In Use. Attempted To Disassemble With The Inability To Do So Due To Age And High Possibility Of Breaking Faucet In The Process. Informed Client New Faucet Will Be Needed. Client Will Chose There Own And Call Us Back. Also Augered Kitchen Drainage Line, Removed Large Amounts Of Hair And Debris. Observed Proper Drainage Post Augering. No Active Leaking With Any Drainage Or Water Connections Underneath Kitchen Sink. Did Observe Cabinetry Severely Warped Due To Leaking At One Point In Time. Also Augered Tub Drain Finding Large Amounts Of Hair Build Up. Cycled Large Amounts Of Water Post Augering While Observing Proper Drainage At This Time.
Michiana Shores, IN

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