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Gas Boilers Laporte, Indiana

Today's gas boilers in are much more efficient and versatile than equipment available even 5 or 10 years ago. Many have efficiencies that are greater than 90% and may be eligible for rebates or tax credits. New systems can work with existing or new steam, hot water baseboard, radiant, or air handler systems. If you own a home or business in Laporte, IN call Dye Plumbing & Heating to either service your existing boiler or install a new high efficiency gas boiler.

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Dye Plumbing & Heating Gas Boilers Laporte, Indiana

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Lochinvar 155kbtu

Remove and dispose of existing boiler and tank style water heater. Install mortar cement to patch three existing holes in the masonry chimney. Provide and install one new model NKC110; Serial: 1951117438264 Lochinvar Noble combination boiler to supply hot water radiant heat and domestic hot water for the home. Provide and install a new reducing system supply valve with bypass piping. Provide and install a new Air Scoop with air vent to automatically purge system air. Provide and install one new thermal expansion tank for the heating loop and one new domestic water expansion tank for the domestic water circuit. Provide and install one new System circulating pump for the heating loop. Provide and install new brass ball valves for system and boiler isolation as needed for future maintenance. Provide and install new copper piping type
LaPorte, IN

Weil McLain CGA-5

I Drained the boiler system. Provided and installed one new Taco 3 speed circulator. Provided and installed one new Extrol bladder expansion tank. Provided and installed one new temperature / pressure safety relief valve. Removed and disposed of one existing cast iron radiator on the second floor. Provided and installed one new 12 foot section of baseboard radiation on the outside wall. Re-filled boiler system and bled radiation. Tested system safeties and operation.

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