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Drain Cleaning Westville, Indiana

Have you ever flushed a toilet and had it overflow onto the floor, take a shower in a foot of standing water, or have what you flush down the toilet come up another drain? All of these types of problems are all associated with a blocked or restricted drain line.

Dye Plumbing & Heating offers complete and thorough drain cleaning service for you entire home or business in Westville, IN. Our trucks are equipped with all of the tools and equipment necessary to solve your drain problems in Westville, IN.

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Dye Plumbing & Heating Drain Cleaning Westville, Indiana

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Drain Cleaning Westville, Indiana
Echnician Invoice Notes: Upon Arrival Found Tub And Toilet Backing Up, Used Outdoor Clean Out To Auger To City Main. Augered Out 50’ To Main With No Issues. Pulled Toilet And Attempted To Auger Through Flange. Attempted Many Times With Auger Cable Only Directing Towards Vent On Roof. Used Camera From Cleanout And Unable To Locate Entrance Of Toilet Or Tub Drain. Attempted To Use Blow Bag Through Vent Stack And Through Toilet Flange. Unable To Use Due To Blow Bag Not Creating Proper Seal. Found Crawl Space Entrance But Unable To Crawl Through At This Time Due Too Large Amounts Of Spider Build Up And Possible Animals Activity At This Time. Tried Larger Size Blow Bag With No Success. Will Return Next Day For Crawl Space And Further Investigation. Upon Re Arrival Succesfully Augered Backwards Through Outdoor Clean Out To Clear Waste Obstructions. Tested Operation Of Repair By Cycling Large Amounts Of Eater And Observing Proper Flow At This Time.

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